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avalia-t, Axencia de Avaliación de Tecnoloxías Sanitarias de Galicia
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About PriTec

The PriTec prioritisation tool has been developed by the Galician Health Technology Assessment Agency (avalia-t). PriTec is an automatically executable web application that has been developed to facilitate the prioritisation of technologies susceptible to post-introduction observation and the prioritisation of potentially obsolete health technologies. It can compare up to 50 technologies simultaneously and generate a report that includes the main results in the format of tables or charts. The methodology applied has been developed in two projects that have been carried out within the collaboration framework established by the National Health System Quality Plan according to the collaboration agreement signed between the Institute of Health Carlos III, an autonomous organism part of the Spanish Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs
Xunta de Galicia Consellería de Sanidade Creative Commons License
avalia-t, Axencia de Avaliación de Tecnoloxías Sanitarias de Galicia